Nike Air Max 200 WTR Anthracite


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Color: Anthracite / Metallic Silver / Black / White
Please be careful not to get oil on your shoes.
Natural leather or cloth may change color due to moisture and friction
Be careful on wet or slippery surfaces.
If wom in the presence of salt (sea water), the product is easily corroded
Please do not leave for a long time in a hot and humid place
Natural leather shoes are recommended to be stored in a shoe holder or newspaper
Do not store near fire or heater
Do not bend your heel and tighten the shoelaces tightly
dults and adolescents can get injured if they wear childrens products.
If your toenails are long or short before ignition, you may be injured during exercise and walking
In the case of hiking boots, soccer shoes, baseball shoes, please wear socks suitable for the exercise.
Please try it before you buy it.
Please note that Gore-Tex products may cause sweating due to the warming effect.
Severe floor wear can cause slipping, so avoid excessive ignition
Please wash separately for products that can be washed. Please check the product list for availabili
Please use mild detergent and normal temperature water(15-25 degrees)for washing.
Never put it in the washing machine when cleaning.
Use neutral detergents and avoid using bleach or bleach
If you use detergent, do not leave it in detergent for a long time.
Rinse thoroughly with water to leave no detergent and remove the shoelaces and wash your hands separately
Do not use volatile solvents such as benzene or thinner as they may deform or discolor.
If your shoes are wet, wipe them dry with a dry cloth
Put a piece of white paper or cloth to prevent shape deformation and dry in a well-ventilated shade and avoid fire
Do not forcibly dry shoes with a stove or hair dryer, as this may deform the shoes
Genuine leather washing: Avoid washing with water and wipe the surface with a soft brush, a damp cloth or a shoe cleaner.
rtificial leather washing: Decontamination with a soft brush(separating shoelaces and insoles), washing the surface with soapy water
(washing the straps and insoles with a neutral detergent and drying them in a well-ventilated place), or they may be warped or discolored
when exposed to direct sunlight. Please be careful
Suede(tax, sprinter): When in contact with water, water drainage accelerates. Please do not wash laundry soap and water

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